Music for Children Mornington Peninsula & Bayside Melbourne

Jolly Joeys is a music and movement program for children from babies, toddler through to preschool age. It’s an educational program designed to engage, inspire and delight children.

This foundation sets the scene to inspire learning, boost confidence, musicality, co-‐ordination and so much more.

The focus of the syllabus is play based learning. Literacy, numeracy, language, social and emotional development,

general knowledge, confidence and coordination are all enhanced. Each lesson is planned with specific, achievable

learning outcomes, and is in line with the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (VEYLF)

Musical skills such as beat, rhythm, pitch and notation are introduced within the curriculum when developmentally appropriate. A love of music is encouraged and nurtured. Through music, all other areas of development are significantly enhanced. There is much research that conclusively backs up the importance of music in assisting children’s development and learning. (Sadly, despite this evidence, music is being dropped from the curriculum in many learning institutions.)

Children are lead through different musical exercises. Live singing and music is used as a tool to help them learn,

listen, participate, concentrate, sing, dance, play with props and instruments. Finger play, body percussion and

dance songs are included with actions that encourage neurological and motor development.

Feedback Like This Makes it All Worthwhile!

It’s so rewarding to hear feedback like this. Thank you to those who put it in writing and allow us to publish.

“I have been taking my 18 month old daughter Esther to Jolly Joeys Jam and she absolutely loves it. Olivia offers a great combination of music and dance, and the opportunity to interact with other children in a positive and educational way. Olivia is warm and engaging and is experienced in leading the children in different musical exercises. Jolly Joeys Jam helps them build confidence and coordination, while learning about the body, shapes, naming things etc. The children have lots of fun in the class and I can highly recommend Olivia and her program. Thanks JJJ!”

Alicia (mum) & Esther (18 months)

“Before Michael started Olivia’s music program, he was reserved and hesitant to contribute in a group situation. The transformation over the course of a term has been truly amazing.  We are thrilled to see how confident he is and eager to participate.  He sings the songs at home and is always excited to go to child care when Olivia’s music session is on.”

Belinda (mum) & Michael (2.5 years)

“Emily absolutely loves Olivia’s music sessions and always looks forward to them. Emily’s confidence is singing has grown. She just loves it. I also know that she is learning at the same time, because she comes home singing counting songs or songs about parts of the body or she’ll draw shapes in the air for me. I highly recommend JJJ to other parents!”

Melanie (mum) & Emily (3.5 years)

“One week we had to reschedule Olivia’s music session to another day, later in the week. All the kids were asking, ‘Where’s Olivia?’. They missed her.”

Child Care Centre Director (classes held for Toddlers, Prekinders and Kinders)

Jolly Joeys services Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Bayside Melbourne and South East Melbourne suburbs 


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